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East Coast Hackathon Schedule - Fall 2013

By Intern Project

  • Sept 6-8: PennApps. Philadelphia, PA. 40 hours.

Reasons to go: Been around for a while (this is v7 of PennApps), it's a giant event (450+ in the Spring, expecting 900 this time), $10k grand prize and travel reimbursements from (really) places as far away as Japan and Switzerland. The student-run hackathon. Plus, nerf guns.

  • Sept 20-22: MHacks. Ann Arbor, MI. 24 hours.

Reasons to go: The contender. Started in Feb 2013, with 500+ hackers in attendance and aiming for 1,000 this time around. According to David Fontenot, "The Most Epic Hackathon. Ever."

  • Sept 28-29: HackNY. New York, NY. 24 hours.

Reasons to go: Organized by HackNY, a non-profit by professors from Columbia & NYU dedicated to keeping hackers off the (Wall) Street. Every semester since 2010, so this would be v8. Great hacker community and a chance to see New York at 5AM when you throw your hands up and wander around looking for doughnuts.

  • Sept 27-29: UOfTHacks. Toronto, Canada. 36 hours.

Reasons to go: Starting a hackathon, eh guys? First time event featuring seminars, workshops and a keynote.

  • Oct 4-6: HackMIT. Boston, MA. 24 hours.

Reasons to go: Over $5,000 in prizes, plus a chance to beat an MIT on their home turf (or, if you go to MIT, defend your honor). Up to $200 travel reimbursement. October is v2, v1 seems to have 200 hackers in February 2013.

  • Oct 11-13: BoilerMake. West Lafayette, Indiana. 36 hours.

Reasons to go: Purdue sent over 50 hackers to MHacks last spring, and now they're hosting their own. Details still forthcoming.

  • Oct 12-13: HackRU. New Brunswick, NJ. 24 hours.

Reasons to go: Rutgers CS students are an unbelievably creative bunch. They've been throwing this event since 2011, and they're a solid bunch.

  • Nov 8-9: Y-Hack. New Haven, CT. 24 hours.

Reasons to go: $10k in prizes, $100 travel reimbursement. Like MIT, Yale is really stepping up their game this time around. Nothing like a little Ivy League rivalry to keep Princeton on their toes.

Reasons to go: Since 2011. Featuring a dedicated Hardware Hack Track and what is apparently an unbelievably gorgeous campus.

  • Nov 15-16: HackTX. Austin, TX. 24 hours.

Reasons to go: This is v2; and v1 started strong with 250 hackers. Everything is bigger in Texas.

Not yet scheduled for the fall:

  • …probably others we haven't heard of. Let us know at [email protected]

And, from the damn it guys, learn to procrastinate section, upcoming 2014 hackathon dates include

  • Jan 17-19: PennApps Spring 2014

  • Jan 31-Feb 1: TartanHacks·Pittsburg PA, at CMU